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Supreme Court Self-help Resources

Here are some materials that will help you understand the BC Supreme Court process. Unless otherwise indicated, this series of guidebooks, videos, and print materials is provided by the Justice Education Society.
Many of the following links open a PDF file. To find out how to view a PDF, see Help.

You may also want to try Clicklaw, a website that provides user friendly, searchable access to key legal information, education and help for British Columbians. If you have a legal problem, are looking for legal help, want to learn about the law or are interested in law reform, Clicklaw can help you find answers to your questions. Resources available through Clicklaw were designed to be used by the public and those helping the public access legal information.

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bullet Civil Law



The Vancouver Justice Access Centre does not deal with Small Claims Court forms and filings, but if your case is in Small Claims Court, you may find these resources helpful.

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Getting Started



After Trial